Report on the FAO E-mail Conference on Small-scale Milk Collection and Processing in Developing Countries

29 May to 28 July 2000

The focus of this E-mail conference was small-scale milk collection and processing. A huge
information gap and lack of technical sharing of experiences and contacts have greatly slowed down
the development of small-scale dairy development in developing countries. This E-mail conference
was designed to address this critical gap. It has managed to bring together 571 stakeholders from
97 countries who have actively participated in the conference and provided some very interesting and
valuable accounts of experiences in their countries.
The freeflow of information and opinions in addition to technical information have given a clear
indication of the current challenges and opportunities in the small-scale sector. The feedback
provided by participants will be one of the key reference points for guiding the short- and mediumterm
plans and activities of the Animal Production and Health Division of the Food and Agriculture
Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in dairy development.

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