Horticultural marketing

a resource and training manual for extension officers

This manual, which has been prepared by G. Dixie of High Value Horticulture plc, U.K. on behalf of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), aims to provide appropriate resource and training material on marketing for extension officers working with farmers who produce horticultural produce for both domestic and export markets. Although the manual is too detailed for everyday use by most extension workers, it is hoped that it will be used by agricultural colleges for their training courses in agricultural marketing and, indeed, may encourage such colleges to devote a greater part of their curricula to marketing. Further, it is also expected that this manual will be used by marketing officers working with ministries of agriculture in training field-level extension officers and that it will be a valuable reference work for marketing extension workers where resources permit such specialization. The manual should also prove of value to processing organizations, traders' associations and others working in the area of horticultural marketing.

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