Livestock and aquaculture insurance in developing countries

Livestock and aquaculture insurance have received less attention than crop. insurance in risk management strategies being considered in recent years. This publication is intended as a contribution to redressing this imbalance. It briefly introduces the role of insurance as a risk management mechanism in livestock and aquaculture enterprises. It aims at setting the scene, and explores with the reader some of the complexities involved in this financial mechanism of risk sharing. In doing so, it discusses the applicability of insurance to managing those risks that are beyond the immediate control of the farm manager and that result in animal and fish mortality. As with crop insurance of livestock and aquaculture enterprises is considered to have application in rather particular situations where it can be demonstrated as being effective and viable. While some of the example material is taken from developed country livestock and aquaculture experience, the basic target group of readers is expected to be those concerned with these enterprises in developing parts of the world. The Bulletin may provide useful reading for members of farming and aquaculture associations, officials of Ministriel of Agriculture, Planning, Fisheries, Commerce and Health, and bankers and insurers with livestock and fish farming clients.

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