Conservation agriculture in northern Kazakhstan and Mongolia

In view of the difficult agro climatic conditions, the seriously degraded soil resources and the need for heavy investment into new machinery inputs for agricultural production in northern Kazakhstan and Mongolia the introduction of conservation agriculture into this region appears to be timely. This report describes the experiences of two FAO technical cooperation projects, one in Mongolia and one in northern Kazakhstan, which aimed to introduce conservation agriculture practices into the region. Conservation agriculture projects by their nature are multidisciplinary and involved several FAO technical units working together in a Conservation Agriculture workgroup. Both projects were technically led by the FAO Crop and Grassland service (AGPC), while the Agricultural and Food Engineering Technologies service (AGST) carried out the main responsibility for the mechanisation components of both projects.

It must be clearly stated that FAO did not invent conservation agriculture and the FAO projects were not the first in the region. The projects joined with ongoing research and development activities. An attempt was made to strengthen the promotion of sustainable farming practices in collaboration with other organizations already actively working in the region in this field. In Mongolia these were the USAID funded ACDI/VOCA project, the EU funded TACIS project and the Canadian funded CIDA project and, in Kazakhstan, CIMMYT. All shared resources and experiences with FAO and worked to complement each other in the promotion of conservation agriculture. This present publication reports on the FAO contribution to this joint effort which in both cases led to the publication of a joint CIMMYT-FAO manual on Conservation Agriculture in Kazakhstan and a joint manual on all the projects involved in Mongolia.

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