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A guide for promoting quality linked to geographical origin and sustainable Geographical Indications

FAO Programme on Quality Linked to Geographical Origin Worldwide - there are increasing social expectations and consumer demand for food and agricultural products that bear a specific quality label, in particular with a relation to origin, tradition, and a particular know how. Promotion and preservation of such origin-based quality can contribute to rural development, food diversity and consumer choice. This is in particular is a result of the preservation and promotion of local natural, cultural and social resources. Moreover, the recent
development of new schemes, such as geographical indications, requires guidance. FAO therefore, in 2007, launched a programme on origin-linked quality in order to contribute to rural development by assisting member countries and stakeholders in the implementation of origin-based quality schemes, both at institutional and producer level that are tailored to individual economic, social and cultural contexts.Within FAO, this guide is the result of the collaboration between the Nutrition and Consumer Protection Division and the Rural Infrastructure and Agro-industries Division which both support
the development of specific quality schemes to enhance sustainable development. [...]

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  Emilie Vandecandelaere; Filippo Arfini; Giovanni Belletti; Andrea Marescotti