The Contract Farming Resource Centre project has been conceived and coordinated by Carlos A. da Silva, Senior Agribusiness Economist, Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division (AGS) of FAO. Doyle Baker, former AGS Chief, collaborated in the conceptualization of the structure of the Centre and of its presentation formats. Andrew Shepherd, formerly with AGS and presently at CTA - Netherlands, collaborated in the development of the contents.

Support in the collection and organization of most of the initial information in the Resource Centre has been provided by the FAO volunteers Marta Doria and Giorgio Temperini. Technical assistance in many aspects of the Resource Centre’s development was provided by Ayurzana Puntsagdavaa, FAO Consultant.

Caterina Pultrone, FAO Consultant, and Larissa D’Aquilio, Publishing Assistant, AGS, also collaborated in the updating and further development of the site’s contents and design.

Angelo Stanzione, FAO Consultant, designed the first version of the web site, while the professional staff of FAO’s Knowledge Information Systems, in particular Giorgio Lanzarone, Roberta Nettuno and Stefano Suozzo, were responsible for the implementation of its successive versions.

Olivio Argenti, Marketing Economist, AGS, kindly made his photographs available for utilization in the Centre.

©FAO/Georges Gobet