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Over the last two decades, structural transformation in the agricultural sector of developing countries has seen the spread of contract farming in the production and marketing of agricultural products in general and of livestock products in particular. The main objective of this literature review is to determine the extent to [...]
Organization: FAO
Year: 2008
This Occasional Paper examines experiences of linking farmers to markets, in order to reach some tentative conclusions regarding success factors. It considers examples of linkages promoted both by linking organizations and by the private sector without external support and then reviews in detail the linkage activities of the former. Emphasis is placed on markets [...]
Organization: FAO
Year: 2007
The interest in contract farming as a mechanism to coordinate linkages between farmers and agribusiness firms has increased considerably in the recent past. This paper reviews the changes in agri-food systems that are leading to tighter coordination of supply chains and discusses the theoretical basis for contract farming as a [...]
Organization: FAO
Year: 2005
The purpose of this guide is not to replicate past socio-economic studies on the subject of contract farming. Rather, the aim is to provide advice: first, to management of existing contract farming companies on how to improve their operations; second, to companies that are considering starting such ventures on the [...]
Organization: FAO
Year: 0
This brief gives an overview of contract farming including the types of contract farming arrangement, its advantages and disadvantages. It shows, among others, why companies are interested in contracting with smallholders and the role of farmers organizations.
Organization: CTA, Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (ACP-EU)
Year: 2016
In a laboratory experiment, we study behaviour in a contract farming game without third-party enforcement but with an external spot market as outside option. We examine if and how relational contracts and personal communication support private-order enforcement. We find mixed evidence for our private ordering hypothesis. While relational contracting significantly reduces contract breach in [...]
Organization: Georg-August-University Göttingen, Germany
Year: 2016
Contract farming has often been associated with an increase in the income of participating households. It is unclear, however, whether contract farming increases other aspects of household welfare. We use data from six regions of Madagascar and a selection-on-observables design in which we control for a household’s marginal utility of [...]
Organization: University of Minnesota
Year: 2016
Chapter 4 (Minot and Sawyer) provides clarity on the opportunities and limitations of contract farming as an institution that facilitates agricultural intensification by smallholders. They find that contract farming is more viable in value chains of fruits and vegetables for quality-sensitive markets, commercial dairy and poultry production, and certain cash [...]
Organization: IFPRI
Year: 2016
The participation of women in agricultural production is essential to food security and rural development. However, female farmers face many constraints when linking to modernizing, closely coordinated agrifood value chains. Indeed, women are often excluded from market access opportunities offered by agribusinesses that contract farmers for the production and delivery of agricultural products, because [...]
Organization: University of Rome Tor Vergata, School of Economics
Year: 2015