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This article demonstrates the necessity of looking at gender as a major analytical category in the analysis of agricultural development. Contrary to other production systems like plantations and state farms, it is characteristic of smaliholder outgrower schemes that their operation is based on the farmers' control over land and labour. However, this study of smallholder [...]
Organización: Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
Ano: 1993
Contract farming and vertical integration in agriculture raise troubling issues. Some of those issues, including concerns about food safety, are very important to consumers. Some, including concerns about terrible conditions in processing plants, are very important to labor. Others, which focus on fraud, deception, and manipulation in the contracting arrangements, [...]
Organización: Farmers' Legal Action Group, Inc
Ano: 1992
Among the array of agribusiness activities, the one which entails the most direct and most complex relationships between large corporations and small farmers is contract farming (CF). In this system, a firm replaces or supplements company production of agricultural commodities with purchases from local farmers through contracts. The contracts specify [...]
Ano: 1990
Contract farming is a business development concept that brings the CP Group back to the basics of agricultural business. CP has always realized that farmers are our lifetime partners so we do business for their development. CP projects have the objective of ensuring farmers get a sustainable income and better [...]
Organización: CP Group, Thailand
Ano: 1970
The international development community has made a significant strategic policy shift towards the use of high value-added market-driven development initiatives, with contract farming as a mechanism to assist small impoverished farmers to link themselves with international markets. Although contract farming has been in existence for many years as a means [...]
Organización: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA
Ano: 1970
The relationship between farmers and the food industry ranges from carrying out spot market transactions to complete integration, characterized as vertical integration. In this study, the relationship between farmers and the food industry in Turkey has been investigated focusing on contract farming. The Turkish food industry is a promising sector, [...]
Organización: Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture, Uludag University, Turkey
Ano: 1970
Contents of the Book 1. A Global Overview of Contract Farming by Erkan Rehber 2. Hog Production Contracts: The Grower-Integrator Relationship 3. Vertical Integration and Cooperation in the Russian Agro-Food Sector: Recent Developments 4. More Vertical Coordination in Pork Production Supply Chains?: [...]
Organización: Icfai Business School Research Centre, Chennai
Ano: 1970
Contract farming is a joint venture between a farmer and a firm for producing and marketing farm products. The contracting firm vertically integrates the food chain to capture the benefits of two or more stages in the production and marketing process of agricultural products. Contract farming facilitates farmers in getting [...]
Organización: Icfai Business School Research Center, Chennai
Ano: 1970
Based on a survey of rice contract farming for export in Cambodia, this paper uses simple mean comparison, propensity score matching comparison, and switching regression comparison to assess the impact of contract farming on farmers' performance. Farmers with larger family sizes, younger and more educated household heads, less asset value, [...]
Organización: Asian Development Bank Institute
Ano: 1970
In developing countries markets for agri-food products are changing at a pace that is unparalleled in modern history. Markets are increasingly open and increasingly homogenized toward international tastes and requirements for levels of quality, packaging, safety, and even process attributes such as socially or environmentally friendly methods. New distribution channels, [...]
Organización: Asian Development Bank Institute
Ano: 1970