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As a result of a number of recent developments, such as the milk strike in several European countries in 2008 and the planned expiration of the European milk quota scheme in 2015, it is necessary to redesign contractual relationships in the dairy industry. However, fostering acceptance of new stipulations (e.g., [...]
Organisation: Univeristy of Gottingen
Année: 2012
This study examines the contribution of contract farming within the system of farmer organization to household agricultural income. By going through the details of system of farmer organization’s contract farming and conducting statistical analysis, it is found that the system of farmer organization’s contract farming is an inclusive system. The difference of [...]
Organisation: Graduate School of International Development, Nagoya University
Année: 2011
Contract farming is one of the illustrated examples of the impact of globalization and liberalized economic policy in the agriculture sector. While the farm sector is facing an identity crisis amidst growing dominance of the industrial sector, contract farming helped to create a new hope in this scenario. It established [...]
Organisation: Regional Centre for Development Co-operation
Année: 2011
Small farmers in sub-Saharan Africa, like those in other developing regions, face a number of constraints that limit their productivity. First, they lack information about production methods and market opportunities, particularly for new crops and varieties. Often farmers are familiar with subsistence crops and perhaps a few widely grown cash crops, but [...]
Organisation: IFPRI
Année: 2011
A study was carried out to assess the pattern of input use and employment in hybrid sunflower seed production under contract farming in Haveri district of Karnataka. Seed production activity is considered as one of the options for increasing the employment in rural areas. The results of the study revealed [...]
Organisation: Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad (Karnataka), India
Année: 2011
After defining the concept of contracting, this paper analyses the practical arrangements for its implementation in the livestock sector, the reasons for its promotion by the French government, and the expected benefits.
Organisation: INP-ENVT, Departement Elevage et Produits, Sante publique veterinaire, France
Année: 2011
Recent variability in farm gate milk prices has led to increased interest in milk selling arrangements. Analysing data for 220 conventional English dairy producers reveals significant differences in the milk contract and selling arrangements of producers receiving the top 25% of milk prices, when compared to producers receiving the bottom [...]
Organisation: Rural Business Research Unit at the University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK
Année: 2011
Marketing and production contracts covered 39 percent of the value of U.S. agricultural production in 2008, up from 36 percent in 2001, and a substantial increase over 28 percent in 1991 and 11 percent in 1969. However, aggregate contract use has stabilized in recent years and no longer suggests a [...]
Année: 2011
The agrofood market in China is dominated by spot market exchanges of small farmers and various small traders, with only minor penetration of the modern supply chain at the farmgate. The emerging Farmer Professional Cooperatives (FPCs) are expected to facilitate vertical coordination. The overall goal of this study is to [...]
Organisation: Center for Chinese Agricultural Policy, Institute for Geographical Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Année: 2011