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Growing Business with Smallholders. A Guide to Inclusive Agribusiness
Author Christina Gradl et Al.
Year 2012
Organization GIZ
Inclusive agribusinesses create mutually bene!cial business partnerships with smallholders in developing countries. The guide addresses the full agribusiness spectrum, from farming to forestry to animal husbandry and fish farming, in which companies can collaborate with smallholders along the value chain.This guide is aimed at helping companies interested in developing business relationships with smallholders. It provides a framework that identi!es common challenges, highlights solutions and shows how these can be implemented through cooperation at different levels. Practitioners from development agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), intermediaries and other organisations working to develop and support inclusive agribusiness will also find useful insights here. Based on 40 case studies, 40 expert interviews and in-depth sector research, the guide showcases existing experiences and lessons related to inclusive agribusiness and distils them into a hands-on guide for practitioners.
Publisher Giz