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The "good wife": Struggles over Resources in the Kenyan Horticultural Sector
Author C. S. Dolan
Year 2001
Organization School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia, Norwich
This paper examines how the contracting of French beans has engendered conflict over rights, obligations and resources in Meru District, Kenya. In response to pressure for agricultural diversification and the expanding European market for "gourmet" vegetables, horticulture, the historical domain of women, has been rapidly intensified, commoditized and in many cases, appropriated by men. Women have responded to the erosion of their rights in ways that appear paradoxical -- some undergoing Christian conversion while others poison their husbands -- practices that simultaneously affirm and contest the prevailing norms of the "good wife". In Meru, gender relations are key to the negotiation of household resources and the potential for capital accumulation in the export horticultural sector.
Publisher The Journal of Development Studies, Volume 37, Issue 3, 2001
Keywords French Beans, Horticultural Sector, Resources, Conflict, Capital Accumulation, Kenya
Country Kenya