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Contract farming: international experiences
Author Suchitra Mohanty and Prasad B V S (eds)
Year 1970
Organization Icfai Business School Research Centre, Chennai
Contents of the Book 1. A Global Overview of Contract Farming by Erkan Rehber 2. Hog Production Contracts: The Grower-Integrator Relationship 3. Vertical Integration and Cooperation in the Russian Agro-Food Sector: Recent Developments 4. More Vertical Coordination in Pork Production Supply Chains?: The German Experience 5. Contract Farming: The Future of Agriculture? 6. Contract Farming - A Glimpse of Successful Cases in India 7. Vertical Integration in the Food Industry and Contract Farming: The Case of Turkey 8. Contract Farming System in Thailand 9. Who Benefits and How Much?: An Evaluation of Contract Farming Systems in Indonesia 10. Contracting in the Agri-Food Sector of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) 11. Contracting in High-Value Food Chains in Madagascar 12. Index 13. Export Contracts for Non-Traditional Products: Chayote from Costa Rica
Publisher ICFAI Books, The ICFAI University Press