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Contract farming in India - an introduction
Author Rajmanohar T P and Kumaravel K S (eds)
Year 1970
Organization Icfai Business School Research Center, Chennai
Contract farming is a joint venture between a farmer and a firm for producing and marketing farm products. The contracting firm vertically integrates the food chain to capture the benefits of two or more stages in the production and marketing process of agricultural products. Contract farming facilitates farmers in getting inputs and technical advice in time, as also the assured price for the output. It is an emerging phenomenon in India, where farmers cannot compete in the international market in terms of quality. So, agro-processing firms help them with the necessary inputs and technical knowledge. This book introduces the concepts of contract farming with particular reference to India and provides different strategies adopted by various firms and farmers to reap the benefits of contract farming. ISBN: 81-314-0534-6 Pages: 260
Publisher ICFAI Books, The ICFAI University Press
Country India