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Reconfiguring Supply Schemes in the Cocoa Value Chain:Organic Chocolate from Honduras for the Swiss Market. An Executive Interview with Anton von Weissenfluh
Author Ingrid Fromm
Year 2010
Numerous corporations worldwide source raw materials from developing countries, often not knowing exactly who is producing these commodities. This has been particularly the case in the chocolate and coffee industries. However, consumers in Europe, and especially in Switzerland are increasingly demanding more information on the products they buy, thus motivating corporations to find alternative ways to fulfill these demands. In response to the changing market trends, Chocolats Halba, a division of Coop, one of the largest retailers in Switzerland, has launched a pilot project that not only satisfies consumer concerns, but also embraces their corporate philosophy and values. Since 2008, Chocolats Halba has developed a collaborative relationship with organic cocoa producers in Honduras, who now have a contract scheme where they are supported in both production and certification aspects and are paid a fair price. Dr. Anton von Weissenfluh, CEO of Chocolats Halba explains the project and his long-term vision.
Publisher International Food and Agribusiness Management Review; November 2010, Volume 13, Issue 4
Keywords cocoa, certification, collaboration, Honduras, Switzerland