This “Contract Farming Resource Centre” has been established to offer a “one-stop” site, where information on contract farming is freely made available. Interest in contract farming as a mechanism to coordinate linkages between farmers and agribusiness firms has grown recently, in view of the international trends towards tighter alignment in agrifood supply chains. FAO has been responding to the growing demand for information and technical support on planning and implementing contract farming operations.
The contents are organized into four sections: the Library, the Toolkit, the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and the list of Links.


“Contract farming for Inclusive Market Access”, a new publication of the FAO Rural Infrastructure and Agro Industries Division, is now available on the Contract Farming Resource Centre website!

Recent transformations in agrifood systems have created new technical requirements and compliance costs that make it increasingly difficult for resource-poor farmers to access [...]

Guiding Principles for Responsible Contract Farming Operations

Guiding Principles for Responsible Contract Farming Operations publication
Download "Guiding Principles for Responsible Contract Farming Operations" (.pdf)