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Processing facilities

A major impediment to agro-industry competitiveness is the lack of appropriate facilities to carry out processing operations. Adequate facilities are required to enable the required workflow for processing operations. These facilities need to be designed and established with proper layouts for efficient performance of operators and equipment and should be supplied with electric power, potable water and appropriate waste disposal systems. To facilitate access to input and output markets, processing facilities must  be located in proximity to the necessary rural infrastructure such as rural access roads, transportation networks, cold chain infrastructure where appropriate, warehouses and information and communications technologies (ICT). Inadequate facilities can seriously handicap the application of good manufacturing practices (GMPs) and other quality and safety management systems.

FAO carries out appraisals and information dissemination on the planning, design, selection, operation and management of post-production facilities and services. Our current activities in this domain include the following:

  • Preparing guides on design, operation and management of abattoirs
  • Preparing guides on investment in, operation and management of milk cooling centres (subject to review)
  • providing advisory support on livestock product processing facilities and related infrastructure development
  • Carrying out appraisals on logistics arrangements and infrastructure systems for enhancing quality and safety in agro-food processing systems
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