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Value adding technologies

To address the diverse technical capacities and levels of skill, infrastructure and production in member countries, FAO provides a broad range of technological options for adding value to agricultural raw materials. In each situation technologies that are appropriate to the circumstances of the end user are proposed, taking into consideration such issues as scalability, cost effectiveness, energy requirements and environmental impacts.

Packaging:  This is an important technological issue which plays a key role in preserving the quality of processed products, extending shelf life and facilitating distribution, while also enhancing presentation and marketability. We carry out appraisals of packaging options, support field projects and provide advice on the selection of appropriate, environmentally friendly packaging options for value added agri-food products.

Innovation: Agri-food processors have to recognise the rapidly changing context in which they are opertating where profitability and competitiveness depend on their ability to develop innovative products and adopt  appropriate technological processes to produce products in line with market requirements. Through innovation, cheaper and more efficient technologies are developed, while new or modified products are introduced to adjust to changes in consumer preferences, improve shelf life, reduce postharvest losses and enhance product quality and safety. FAO carries out appraisals of new technologies and provides assistance in their transfer and adaptation. Networks are being created for exchanging and sharing information and expertise on innovation, while support is provided to member states to strengthen their policies and institutions to support the adoption of innovate practices.

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