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Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division

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15 Apr 2014

Available on line! Public sector support for inclusive agribusiness development ‒ Appraisals of institutional models

Country case studies ‒ AFRICA
The agrifood system is changing rapidly in response to agricultural modernization, increased globalization, and shifting consumer and societal demands for safer, better-quality and more convenient food. In developing countries, this new scenario coexists with the traditional types of family and subsistence farming putting increased pressure on Ministries of Agriculture (MOAs) [...]


The Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division advocates and supports the development of entrepreneurship in agricultural support services.
FAO members are assisted with appropriate policies, strategies and methodologies for strengthening agricultural support systems and the delivery of services as well as technologies for production and post-production activities. The Division aims to assist farms and agribusinesses in developing managerial and technical skills for supporting production, post-harvest, infrastructural, marketing and financial operations related to developing and improving efficiency, effectiveness, competitiveness, and profitability of agricultural and food enterprises.

The Division works in three groups:

  • Agribusiness and Finance Group
  • Agro-food Industries Group
  • Market Linkages and Value Chains Group

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