Sustainable Value Chains

The value chain has established itself as one of the main paradigms in developing thinking and practice. Throughout the last decade FAO has been working on how to promote sustainable food value chain development. Using sustainable food value chains (SFVC) to reduce poverty present both great opportunities and challenges. This website provides many resources on the topic.  

 Inclusive Business Models

The work on sustainable value chain development has revealed that for the most cases the producer-first buyer point of sale continues to be the most inefficient market linkage impacting the overall chances of a sustainable value chain. The inclusive business model (IBM) concept is a narrower concept than the value chain that focuses on this specific link to facilitate market access for smallholders. 

Institutional Procurement

Institutional procurement programmes (IPPs) offer governments the opportunity to link public investments in food to development goals that include: improving food and nutrition security for vulnerable groups, integrating smallholders into markets, increasing production, and improving food standards and quality.