Les filières intégrées

Ce site Internet fournit des informations sur la façon dont les petits agriculteurs peuvent s’intégrer de façon réussie aux filières des régions d’Afrique, des Caraïbes, et du Pacifique (ACP). Il soutient le double objectif de partager de l’information sur les thèmes clé liés aux filières intégrées et de promouvoir la mise en réseau et la collaboration entre les régions liées aux filières intégrées.

Inclusive Business models

In recent years many organizations and projects that worked on inclusive value chain development have realized that often the weakest link in the chain remains between the smallholder farmers and their first buyers. From different entry points Inclusive Business Models (IBM) have been developed that focus on this specific link to facilitate market access for smallholders. With funding from the Government of Ireland, FAO is implementing activities to further develop and mainstream the IBM concept, approaches and implementing tools. 

Key Topics for Inclusive Value Chains

This section is a web repository of guides, monographs, briefs and projects pulled together from many different organizations under five key topics for inclusive value chains: market linkages, food standards, business environment, value chain development, and diversification and value addition. Resources are categorized by different types of commodities including high-value/niche, food and traditional exports. 

Networking on Inclusive Value Chains

For each of the ACP regions background and contact information are provided for key actors engaged in value chain development linking small farmers to formal markets. These are: government agencies, producer and commodity associations, private sector, development partners, regional organizations and NGOs and CSOs.