04 May 2010
Building Farmer Organizations' business capacity

FAO is organizing a series of regional training workshops for farmer organizations (FO) that bring together representatives from regional and national farmer organizations and agribusiness.  The objective is to identify capacity building strategies that FOs and networks at the regional, national and sub-national level can...

04 May 2010
Pushing value addition up the chain

The Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division is carrying out a series of business models appraisals in order to improve the coordination, as well as business and operational processes between the farmer-buyer and their efficiency to ensure better customer responsiveness. The approach will be...

04 May 2010
Working on high return commodities: fruit and vegetables

Value chain initiatives offer practical ways of strengthening linkages between agroindustry buyers and small growers of potentially high return commodities.  AGS with support from the AAACP is providing technical assistance on linkages between small outgrowers in Vanuatu and distributors of fruit and vegetables...