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Meeting urban food needs


A cross-cutting project for integrating food into the urban agenda

Urban areas are constantly growing and diversifying, so is demand for food products and food-related services. People living in urban areas, close to – or below – poverty levels, whose absolute numbers are also growing, need to access affordable, healthy and nutritious food.

There is a lack of appropriate and technically sound policies, strategies and action/investment plans for increasing the efficiency and dynamism of (in)formal food-related operations, reduce costs and prices of food products and services, diversify their variety and improve their quality and safety; promote appropriate “public” infrastructure, facilities and services  through public-private partnerships; and strengthen the inclusiveness, sustainability and resilience of food systems operations. All these  tasks fall mostly upon local government authorities at municipal, provincial, metropolitan and  district/regional levels whose responsibilities in these fields have been rapidly growing during the last decade.

The project goals are:

  • gather existing knowledge through the promotion of meaningful partnerships with external institutions and civil society organizations at international, regional and national levels as well as with other UN Agencies;
  • raise awareness at international, regional and national levels, mainly using products from partnerships;
  • develop innovative methodological approaches to the study of complex food systems meeting urban food needs;
  • assist local government authorities in designing policies and intervention programs at municipal, provincial and district/regional levels, through external funding.



Fruit and vegetable market at Kota Bharu @FAO/T.Janssen
Fruit and vegetable market at Kota Bharu @FAO/T.Janssen


Project “Meeting urban food needs”
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Meeting Urban Food Needs (MUFN) project