FAO Diversification booklet series

The FAO Diversification booklet series focuses on a farm or non-farm enterprise that can be integrated easily into small-scale farms to increase incomes and enhance livelihoods. The enterprises profiled in the FAO Diversification booklet series are suitable for smallholder farmers in terms of resource requirements, additional costs, exposure to risk and complexity. Each booklet provides information that enables decision-makers, people and organizations that provide advisory, business and technical support services to small-scale farmers, to confidently make and take decisions on the most appropriate enterprise to promote in their local areas of interest.

The series is composed of 21 booklets.

No.1 Beekeeping and sustainable livelihoods (2nd Edition)

No.2 Livelihoods grow in gardens (2nd  Edition)

No.3 Products and profits from poultry ( 2nd Edition)

No.4 Value from village processing (2nd Edition)

No.5 Processing for prosperity (2nd Edition)

No.6 Milk for health and wealth

No.7 Make money by growing mushrooms

No.8 Higher value addition through hides and skins

No.9 Sheep and goats for diverse products and profits

No.10 Rural transport and traction enterprises for improved livelihoods

No.11 Growing vegetables for home and market

No.12 Non-farm income from non-wood forest products

No.13 Farm ponds for water, fish and livelihoods

No.14 Small animal for small farms

No.15 Pigs for prosperity

No. 16 Fruit products for profit

No. 17 Health and wealth from Medicinal Aromatic Plants

No.18  Selling street and snack foods

No.19  Hire services by farmers for farmers

No.20  Spices and herbs for home and market

No.21  Traditional fermented food  and beverages for improved livelihoods

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