Afghanistan: stabilizing rural communities


Within the Government of Afghanistan/IFAD project Development of integrated dairy schemes in Nangarhar province, the  Rural Infrastructure and Agro-Industries Division is pleased to present the recently released video titled Afghanistan: stabilizing rural communities.

Produced by IFAD, the video shows the impact of dairy cooperatives organized and set up under the guidance of FAO on uniting and stabilizing communities.

As foreign troops prepare to leave Afghanistan, a unexpected kind of peace-building is taking place in rural villages in the Behsued district of Nangahar Province, near the Pakistan border. Here, thousands of dairy farmers have formed into cooperatives that are not only helping them earn more money, but unite and stabilize the communities they live in.

Thanks to this project, to date, 13 new dairy co-operatives have been set up, a feed mill established and generating income, and a new milk processing plant is to be commissioned in the coming months.   AGS, as Lead Technical Unit,  provides technical advice and support in the set up, development and management of sustainable dairy enterprises in Nangarhar through the Integrated Dairy Schemes (IDS) approach. The IDS consists of community-based, targeted investments in dairy industry development ranging from inputs and services provision to co-operative formation, organization and dairy enterprise set up and management. A major focus is on developing national capacity (public and private) for future sustainability. The result is increased household food security, additional income and jobs. The model is being replicated in three other areas of Afghanistan and is to be upscaled in future Government of Afghanistan/IFAD interventions.

For more information on the project, contact the FAO Senior Dairy Advisor in Afghanistan or the AGS Lead Technical Officer