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Fruits & vegetables

The demand for high quality fruits and vegetables to satisfy growing and changing market demand necessitates that all those in horticultural value chains have a working knowledge and understanding of technical operations that add and create value, enhance safety and quality and reduce losses of fresh horticultural produce.

A number of resource materials in the form of technical bulletins, brochures and guidelines tailored to addressing technical aspects of post-harvest handling, value creation, safety, quality and cost efficiency in fresh fruit and vegetable chains are available.

Recent Publications

Manual for the preparation and sale of fruits and vegetables. AGS Bulletin 151
This manual provides a comprehensive description of harvesting, post-harvest handling and marketing of fresh produce.

The role of post-harvest management in assuring the quality and safety of horticultural produce. AGS Bulletin 152
This bulletin reviews the factors that contribute to quality and safety deterioration of horticultural produce and describes approaches for assuring and maintaining quality and safety throughout the post-harvest chain.

Post-harvest management of fruits and vegetables in the Asia-Pacific region (2006) is a joint publication of the Asian Productivity Organization and FAO.


How to order publications

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