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Rural infrastructure

Rural structures in the tropics. Design and development (click to download)

FAO is placing increasing emphasis on rural infrastructure. In the past considerable work has been carried out on market infrastructure improvement and on storage development. In addition to these areas future attention will be paid to rural transport, packhouses, cold chains, irrigation and other infrastructure needed to enhance rural-urban linkages; to public-private partnerships and to infrastructure policy and planning.

FAO will support national needs assessments and implementation of national rural infrastructure projects and programmes. It will disseminate best practices, mobilize resources and promote relevant partnerships.

FAO will publish models for infrastructure development, drawing on lessons from success stories and failures in different regions and will produce guidelines to promote efficient infrastructure development. It will also be preparing materials such as planning and evaluation guides for different types of infrastructure; strategy papers for government policymakers; and guidelines for partnerships between public and private partners.

Full information about our capabilities in these areas can be obtained by contacting FAO: FAO-HQ@fao.org


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