Conservation Agriculture Technology

Conservation Agriculture, based on integrated practices such as zero tillage, crop rotations and permanent soil cover is becoming increasingly popular. As a concept of sustainable agricultural production it is promoted by several organizations around the world, FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN being one of them.

The database concentrates only on equipment and machinery for manual, animal or motorized operation which has been specially designed for the needs of Conservation Agriculture. In particular:

  • Zero Tillage seeders and planters as well as rippers with fertilizer or seed attachments.
  • Equipment such as rollers, mulch slashers or choppers, straw spreaders or choppers (including combine harvester attachments) for handling weeds and crop residues or mulch covers as well as equipment for mechanical weeding through a mulch cover.
  • Spray equipment which has been especially designed for the application of herbicides in small-scale no-till farming situations.

The database has been established in collaboration between FAO and GIZ following an initiative of the ACT - African Conservation Tillage Network and other organizations.

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Photo: ©FAO/Theodor Friedrich
Photo: ©FAO/Theodor Friedrich