Reliable information about nutrient requirements is essential to achieve nutrition security for all people.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) provides scientific advice on nutrient requirements to our Member Countries and international bodies, including the Codex Alimentarius Commission. National and international agencies use this information for developing policies and programmes for actions to improve nutrition throughout the world.

FAO activities on nutritional requirements include development of practical applications and tools for improving nutrition, such as nutrition labelling, training workshops and research related to nutrient requirements.

FAO call for experts for a technical workshop on protein quality evaluation

FAO is organizing a 4-day  workshop on protein quality evaluation for human nutrition. The workshop will focus on developing research protocols related to measuring and predicting digestion and efficiency of utilization of protein and amino acids.  The workshop will be held in early March 2014 in Bangalore, India.  The deadline for applications is 17 January 2014.

Call for Experts 

Recent Publications

Dietary protein quality evaluation in human nutrition 

Sub-committee Reports

The assessment of amino acid digestibility in foods for humans and including a collation of published ileal amino acid digestibility data for human foods 

Assessing a data set on true ileal amino acid digestibility of foods for humans 

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