Curriculum development workshop: Aburi (Ghana) 16th-20th July 2012

As part of the ENACT project, a curriculum development workshop will be held in Ghana from 16-20 July 2012, in which the outlines of the module and the courses will be discussed together with prospective coordinators and tutors from the piloting institutions, the case study surveyors, international nutrition education experts and other guests. The workshop program is available here.


The main aims of the workshop will be to:

  • share ideas and experiences on nutrition education and nutrition education training and on the policy context which conditions their effectiveness;
  • report on the findings of the needs analysis;
  • approve a generic package of curriculum development documents for nutrition education training (e.g. instruments for needs analysis, outlines of approved principles and practices in nutrition education and nutrition education training);
  • review, amend and approve an outline of a basic module in nutrition education suitable for students of nutrition / public health /agriculture, teachers and managers, a sample unit for this module, and a basic entry course in nutrition for students without a nutrition background; and
  • discuss and finalise partnership arrangements for developing and piloting the module.


Participants in the workshop will include members of the ENACT team, the country surveyors, coordinators and tutors from collaborating institutions and academics from non-piloting institutions, as well as renowned nutrition education experts, representatives of United Nations agencies and interested NGOs. 

Expected Outcomes

The main outcomes expected are increased consensus on the contents, approach and framework of professional nutrition education training. Specific outputs will be a curriculum development package, agreed guidelines for the further development of the ENACT module and some recommendations for national nutrition policy and advocacy.

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