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Regional approach
Human Health Environment
Technical Workshop on Locusts in Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA), 12-16 November 2012, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The Provision Agenda of the Technical Workshop is as follows:


1.    Opening address
2.    Election of Chairman, Vice-Chairman & Drafting Committee
3.    Adoption of the agenda

Session 1: National locust campaigns in 2012 and forecasts for 2013

4.    National locust campaigns in 2012 (countries' presentations)
5.    Locust forecast for 2013 and preparation of the next campaign  (countries' presentations)

Session 2: Implementation of the Five-year Programme to improve locust management in Caucasus and Central Asia

6.    Five-year Programme in 2012: overview on implementation and funding  situation
7.    Regional cooperation in 2012
       • Regular information sharing
       • Cross-border/ joint surveys
         - Kyrgyzstan - Uzbekistan (countries' presentations)
         - Azerbaijan - Armenia - Georgia (countries' presentations)
         - Afghanistan - Tajikistan (countries' presentations)
         - Turkmenistan - Uzbekistan (countries' presentations) 

8.    National capacities' development in 2012
       • Situation update on locust survey and control equipment
       • Training on locust monitoring: 
         - Kyrgyzstan (country presentation)
         - Afghanistan & Tajikistan (countries' presentations)
       • Training on locust spraying:
         - Azerbaijan (country presentation)
       • One-month internship on locust management:
         - Kazakhstan (country presentation)

9.    Developing monitoring and analyzing systems (remote sensing)
10.    Preparing background documentation
       • Situation update on the three monographs
       • Background documentation (e-committee)
       • Pesticides' registration (e-committee)
       • Video on locust spraying in ULV formulation

11.    Five-year Programme in 2013: workplan

Session 3: Efficient and environmentally less hazardous strategies, technologies and products for locust control: progress made and field demonstration

12.    Progress made on: spraying technologies and products; safety and environmental precautions (countries' feedback)
13.    Progress made in CCA with biopesticides (countries' feedback)
14.    Survey techniques (field demonstration)
15.    Spraying in Ultra-Low Volume in the respect of human health and the environment (field demonstration)


16.    Any other business
17.    Adoption and signature of the report
18.    Closure address


Report Technical Workshop 2012

List of documents

Item 2-Provisional agenda

Item 3-Provisional timetable

Item 4-National locust situations in 2012

Item 5- Forecast for 2013

Item 6-Five-year Programme in 2012 - Overview on implementation and funding situation

Item 7-a-Regional cooperation: information sharing (monthly bulletins)

Item 7-b-Regional cooperation: Joint or Cross-Border Survey (CBS)-Template -

Item 7-c-Regional cooperation: Joint or Cross-Border Survey (CBS)-Report -

Item 8-a-Situation update on locust survey and control equipment

Item 8-b-Strengthening national capacities: Training -Template-

Item 8-c-Strengthening national capacities: Training -Report-

Item 8-d-Strengthening national capacities: Internship

Item 9-Developing and analyzing systems (remote sensing)

Item 10-a-Background documentation: Monographs, E-Committee on documentation, Video tutorial on locust spraying

Item 10-b-Background documentation: E-Committee on pesticides

Item 11-Five-year Programme during Year 2 - Workplan

Item 12-Progress made on: spraying techniques and products; safety and environmental precautions

Item 13-Progress made on biopesticides