International Symposium on Food Safety and Quality: Applications of Nuclear and Related Techniques (CN-222)

IAEA Headquarters, Vienna, Austria, 10 – 13 November 2014

The symposium will focus on food safety and quality, considering protection of the integrity of the food supply chain as a holistic process, including aspects such as traceability, authenticity, contaminant control and animal feed safety. The meeting will provide a forum for interdisciplinary networking, bringing together experts in the fields of food safety and quality to:

  • Present contemporary and novel applications;
  • Identify gaps and discuss future perspectives and opportunities;
  • Facilitate a broad understanding of the topics involved, and;
  • Promote peaceful applications of nuclear technologies.

The formal announcement, call for papers, participation form, form for submission of a paper, grant application form and more detailed information on the symposium are now available in the dedicated site, which will be updated regularly.