FAO calls for $20 million to prevent spread across region of 330 million
Fears are growing that without timely intervention to stem outbreaks of the highly virulent avian flu virus H5N1 across West Africa, further spread across the region and beyond is inevitable, FAO said today.
Food laboratories benefit from working in regional networks
As food production and trade have become more globalized, governments face the growing challenge of safeguarding food safety
World Health Day 2015 shines light on food safety
Wherever you are in the world, the food you eat has had to travel to your plate. Whether the journey is short or long, there are dangers that it won’t arrive safely and when you...
Pollinators, pollination and food production – why the hype?
Pollination is a keystone process in both human managed and natural terrestrial ecosystems. It is critical for food production and human livelihoods, and directly links wild ecosystems with agricultural production systems. The vast majority of...
Innovative partnership operational in five countries
10 March 2015, Rome - An innovative partnership spanning five African countries is providing important lessons on how governments can procure food for public institutions, such as schools, directly from small-scale family farmers. Modelled on...

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