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The first step in dealing with affected agricultural lands by tsunami is to zone the damages in major categories for which later on solutions will be field test and implemented.

Zoning the damages

Damages are different by nature:

Direct crop destruction by uprooting, salt poisoning, flood, etc...
Erosion and scouring that modifies the topography, land levelling and the elimination of bunds (for paddy fields)
Soil fertility losses when upper layer is washed away
Deposition of salted sediment
Salt infiltration
Trash and debris accumulation.

or by intensity which depends on three main characteristics of the particular location:

the energy of the flood,
the type of soil coverage and vegetation, and
the soil hydraulic properties including drainage capacity.

As rice is the main crop in the region FAO-AGLW proposes below an example of approach developed for paddyfield but which can be easily extrapolated to any particular other crop.

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Sketching impacts of the tsunami on paddy fields

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