FAO and the Government of the Netherlands are organising an International Conference on Water for Food and Ecosystems, from January 31 - February 5, 2005 in the Hague. The conference will provide a high level platform for around 350 participants around the globe, including a ministerial segment.

The prime objective of the WFE Conference is: to help governments identify management practices, practical lessons learned and the necessary enabling environments that lead to sustainable water use at the river-basin level and the harmonization of food production and ecosystem management with a view to implementing already internationally agreed commitments

The outcomes of the International Conference in The Hague will provide a direct input to the CSD-13, which has a focus on water issues. In addition it will help to implement working programmes under international conventions as the Convention on Biodiversity and the Cop 9 of the Ramsar convention, as well as the Plan of Implementation of the WSSD (Johannesburg 2002).

The Conference will be fed and shaped by several other events:

  • The E-Forum: The public domain to share your experiences and views, and bring forward your recommendations for the conference statements and outcomes.
  • An African Pre-Conference, Addis-Ababa 4-6 November 2004, to focus on the specific issues and concerns of the African Nation States in shaping Water for Food and Ecosystems.
  • Regional Partner Seminars: Sharing more insights and shaping recommendations for the conference by concentrating on thematic/regional cases and issues.
Netherlands Conference encompasses three key themes: Foster Implementation: know-how for action; a new economy for water for food and ecosystem; the enabling environment. More...

E-FORUM. The public domain to share experiences by hosting your case studies and best practices, and discuss the issues, statements and recommendations for the conference. More...

CONTACT. Get in touch with the Conference secretariat here...