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Theme 1 - Fostering Implementation: Know-how for Action

  Intro: Electronic Conference On Water For Food and Ecosystems
01_Dr VanHalsema
  Theme-1 Discussion Paper
02_Dr VanHalsema
  Contribution 1
03_Eric Mollard
04_Stef Smits
05_Melvyn Kay
06_Sophie Nguyen Khoa
07_Aart Schrevel
08_Sjef Kauffman
09_Melvyn Kay
10_Jim Woodhill

Theme 2 - The 'new economy' for water for food and ecosystems

01_Dr VanHalsema
  Moderator Intro Theme 2
02_Leon Hermans
  Theme2 contribution1
03_Eric Mollard
04_Leon Hermans
  Rights Base Approaches
05_Stef Smits
  Valuation and Politics
06_Willem Peeters
  Valuation and Regulation
07_L. Venkatachalam
  Valuation and Politics (2)
08_L. Venkatachalam
  Green Water Credits
09_Sjef Kauffman
  Carbon Markets
10_Ingmar Jürgens
  Valuation and Market Failures
11_Willem Peeters
12_Leon Hermans
  Valuation & Institutions
13_L. Venkatachalam
  Human and Ecological Reserves, Valuation & Politics
14_Stef Smits
  Valuation and MSPs
15_Laurence Smith
16_Benjamin Kiersh
  Theme 2 Moderator_Day 3
17_Petra Hellegers
  Valuing Benefits and Services
18_Sjef Kauffman
  Trade-offs and Valuation
19_Petra Hellegers
  Water Valuation and Allocation, Not Local But Global
20_Willem Peeters
  Trade-offs and Compensation
21_Dhruba Pant
  Valuation: an In-experienced Field
22_Domitille Vallee
  Theme 2 Moderator's Day
  Water Poverty Index
24_Caroline Sullivan
  Costs and Benefits
25_Rob Jongman
  Water Management Not Politics, But Values
26_David Groenfeldt
  Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Livelihoods
27_V.V. Sugunan

Theme 3 - An enabling environment

  Discussion paper
01_Gerardo Van Halsema
  Moderator's Intro Theme 3
02_Jim Woodhill
  Constraints to Collaborative Water Management
03_Eric Mollard
  Institutional Constraints and Strategies
04_Olga Zhovtonog
  Strategies For EU Water Framework Implementation
05_Ivstan Ijjas
  Water Rights, Sectoral Policies and Competition
06_Dhruba Pant
  Centralization and Decentralization
07_Bruce Lankford
  Collaborative Water management and Institutional Failure
08_Gerdien Meijerink
  Centralisation vs Decentralisation
09_van Vuren
  Moderator - Day 1
10_Jim Woodhill
  Roles of Gov. and Stakeholders in Polycentric Governance
11_Olga Zhovtonog
  Administrative Management, Governance and Governments
12_Eric Mollard
  Constraints and Strategies in Environmental Regulation
13_Patrick Guasa
  Water Laws and Ecosystems
14_Patrick Guasa
  Negotiated River Basin Management
15_Maria José van der Werff
  State, Power and Paradigm
16_Leon Hermans
  Disempowerment of the State
17_Katharina Ganz
  Moderator Day 2 (7 Dec)
18_Jim Woodhill
  Dynamics of Institutional and Policy Environment
19_Flip Wester
  Enabling Environment: What, How and By Whom?
20_Jim Woodhill
  Stakeholder Engagement
21_Olga Zhovtonog
  How to Meet Challenges for Food Security?
  Science, Technology and Institutional Change
23_Hugo Vos
  Non-negotiable Aspects of IWRM
24_Patrick Guasa
  Multi-stakeholder Processes
25_Jeroen Warner
  Meeting Future Challenges (1)
26_Bruce Lankford
  Meeting Future Challenges (2)
27_Douglas C. Olsen
  Water Rights for the Poor
  Localized Problems Require Localized Knowledge
29_Margreet Zwarteveen
  No Governance Without Authoritative Governor
30_Eric Mollard
  Polycentric vs Centralised
31_Alex Bolding
  Meeting Challenges (3)
  No Authority But Power
33_Gerdien Meijerink
  Transparency and Power, Durable Change and Calamities
34_José María van der Werff
  Water Rights for the Poor (1)
35_Rutgerd Boelens
  Authority and Power Based on Knowledge and Understanding
36_Patrick Guasa
  Water Rights for the Poor (2)
37_Katharina Ganz
  Water Rights for the Poor (3)
38_Ignacio Gentes
  Moderator - Day 4 (9 Dec)
39_Jim Woodhill
  Meeting Challenges (4)
40_Michel Ferry
  Synthesis and Conclusions (1)
41_N.R. Gangadharappa
  Synthesis and Conclusion (2)
42_Domitille Vallee
  Synthesis and Conclusions (3)
43_José María van der Werff