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GCP/MYA/011/ITA - Support to special rice production in Myanmar
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GCP, Seeds, plant genetic resources, Food security
Summary text
The project aim to alleviate the existing priority problems of food security and poverty in Myanmar by increasing. It is expected that the project will increase food production, nutrient and livelihood security as well creating employment opportunities and sustainable development
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The Project aims at alleviating the existing priority problems of food security and poverty. It is expected that the Project will increase food production, create employment opportunities in areas of ground water exploration, watershed management and rain water harvesting, sustainable use of the natural resource base, etc. and generate income from crops, livestock and value adding activities, thereby resulting in greater food and nutrient and livelihood security.

The outcome is anticipated to be achieved through four major outputs:

Outputs and activities:

Output No. 1: Sustained Crop Intensification in the Ayeyarwardy Delta and Central “Dry Zone” of Myanmar.
This is achieved by selecting the most suitable and promising rice varieties for specific agro-ecological zones, appropriate rice-based crop production systems, and identification of best technological practices, also considering market opportunities in project areas. Two seed multiplication centres, Heho in Kalaw  Township, and Tagondine in Hinthada Townships will be assisted to strengthen their capacity in seed production. 

Output No. 2: Rehabilitation and Sustained Operation of Water Harvesting and Small-scale Irrigation Schemes in the Central “Dry Zone” of Myanmar.
This includes identification of sites with highest potential for rehabilitating water harvesting and small-scale irrigation structures, jointly with the Implementing Partners (IPs), the Irrigation Department (ID), the Water Resources Utilization Department (WRUD) and the Myanma Agriculture Service (MAS) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MoAI). Rehabilitation of community water tanks, drilling/rehabilitation of deep/shallow tube wells, rehabilitation of water harvesting infrastructures (water ponds) will be implemented by the projects through LoAs with IPs.

Output No. 3: Capacity  Building, Institutional Strengthening & Sustainability of CBOs.
This will be achieved through identification and strengthening of existing CBOs and establishment of new CBOs related to project activities (i.e.  Farmer Field Schools to  be trained on improved agriculture technologies and agriculture support services; Water User Groups to be trained on operation and maintenance of the community water tanks and tube wells). Strengthening of FFS, WUGs and other CBOs will continue throughout the project duration, in particular it is anticipated that FFS will be followed for three cropping seasons (from the May 2010 until December 2011).

Output No.4: Effective Partnerships between Stakeholder Organisations.
Needs assessments will be undertaken to guide the work and inputs of the project; information on the project and its mission will be disseminated; technical assistance will be provided to Government institutions and to national and international agencies through existing co-ordinating mechanisms; contributions will be made to the development of medium-term livelihood rehabilitation plans through these mechanisms and effective management of Project.

Project duration
Jan 2009 - May 2011
Project budget
1,250,000 USD
AGP Contact
Osborn Thomas Arthur, Senior Officer, Plant Production and Protection Division (AGP), Room C716, Tel. (0039) 06570 55407, Fax. (0039) 06570 56347
Project partner information

Adventist Development and Relief Agency & Myanmar Heart Development Organization (ADRA&MHDO); Mingalar Myanmar (MM); AVSI Foundation; and Myanma Agriculture Service (MAS) of MoAI.Irrigation Department (ID), the Water Resources Utilization Department (WRUD) and the Myanma Agriculture Service (MAS) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation (MoAI).

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