NSP - Boerhavia erecta




Family: Nyctaginaceae

Common names: Hogweed, Pig feed, Tostón, Patagon, Valéryan

An annual plant, erect stem having opposite, ovate leaves up to 5 cm long. Inflorescences terminal and axillary, flowers pale pink or white, fruit up to 4 mm long. Seeds are the source for its reproduction.

This is a weed of hot climate countries, it grows well in irrigated arable land. It is found in several annual crops, such as vegetables, legumes and cotton. It is also found in some perennial crops as sugar cane.

The plant is common in many countries of Central America & the Caribbean and Africa south of Sahara. B. erecta is easily controlled by various chemical herbicides. It is also well eliminated with the process of land preparation.

Countries: CubaMali,

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