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Appui à la mise en place d’une politique semencière et d’outils de gestion des données des recensements agricole et d’élevage au Tchad.
Les Ministres de l’Agriculture et du Développement pastoral ont signé avec le Représentant de la FAO deux projets de coopération technique (TCP) portant sur la politique semencière et les recensements généraux de l’Agriculture et de l’Elevage le 14 Septembre 2013 au centre régional de recherche de Gassi.
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Official launch of the CEMAC Seeds Catalogue.
This Catalogue is the fruit of several years of collaboration between FAO, PRASAC (Regional Centre of Applied Research for the Development Farming Systems in Central Africa), a specialized institute of CEMAC and relevant services of CEMAC member countries. Read more here

Report of a Technical Consultation to Promote Public-Private Partnerships for Pre-Breeding
Mutually beneficial public-private partnerships, as an integral part of crop improvement, are critically important for pre-breeding. These partnerships are needed for enhancing the adaptive capacities of cropping systems to climate change and for increasing productivities required for feeding an ever increasing global population. Aiming to address this, a technical consultation on promoting public-private partnerships for pre-breeding was held in Rome, Italy in May 2013. The Report can be downloaded here.

The revised Genebank Standards for Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture were endorsed at the 14th Regular Session of the CGRFA, Rome, 15-19 April 2013

种子与植物遗传资源 : 生命的基础












《粮食和农业植物遗传资源国际条约》 (以下简称《国际条约》) 与《生物多样性公约》相一致,提供了有关保存和可持续利用粮食和农业植物遗传资源以及公平分享因其利用而产生的利益的国际框架,以促进农业可持续发展和粮食安全。


Producing quality seeds means quality yields
Central America has 29 new local seed businesses thanks to an FAO project for improved seeds. Read more here
Expo Andean Seeds
A successful exposition of seed from Andean crops was organized by FAO as part of the activities of the project “Andean Seeds” in collaboration with the Ministry of Rural Development and Land (MDRyT). For more information in Spanish here
Seed marketing with SMS
FAO is using novel ways of delivering quality seed to farmers. Last week, national staff from Ivory Coast participated in a training workshop on mobile technology-based information systems, which will help to enhance seed marketing in the country. More here.