AGP - Banana disease management in Eastern Africa

Banana wilt gallery

First meeting with Godfrey, a Ugandan banana wilt control expert and field school facilitator in Kiboga, Uganda

Leaders from N. Kivu being briefed on BXW control at a field school in Kiboga, Uganda, June 2010

Farmers leader from North Kivu, getting answers to his questions in Kiboga

Farmer in Kiboga explaining to DRC delegation recent successful rehabilitation of her banana field, June 2010

Salesian brother from the Don Bosco farm at Shasha near Goma, visiting the BXW field school at Rubagano, Uganda

A warm welcome for the Congolese delegation from the BXW field schools at Rubagano, Uganda

Using forked sticks to remove male buds to protect against BXW transmission

Cutting infected stems, and chopping into pieces to ensure they rot down quickly

Cleaning tools after cutting infected plants

Using bleach to clean tools after working with infected plants

Practising control measures for BXW, July 2011 at Bweremana, North Kivu, DRC

Ugandan trainer, explaining BXW control measures to trainees in the field, July 2011

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