Novel Training Materials on the International Treaty launched on the Occasion of Governing Body Meeting

The first in a series of five comprehensive educational modules on the operation of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture has been presented to Contracting Parties and other stakeholders in a side event at the Fourth Session of the Governing Body of the Treaty, which took place from 14-18 March 2011 in Bali, Indonesia.

For the first time training materials on the Treaty are being produced under the coordination of its Secretariat. More particularly, the materials are developed in a participatory process involving experts and stakeholders of all regions. Over 20 experts from different international institutions, academia, Contracting Parties and civil society organizations have taken part in the realization of educational module 1 “Introduction to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture”, and many more are already working on the subsequent modules on the Treaty.

Module 1 contains general information that is designed for newcomers to the Treaty and the crop diversity policy area. The subsequent modules will enter into detail about the Treaty’s main components: Conservation and sustainable use, Farmers’ Rights, the Multilateral System and the Funding Strategy. Each of the modules is built up by several self-contained lessons which are designed for specific learner groups.

The modules aim at strengthening stakeholders’ capacities for the operation of the Treaty and to enhance information and raise awareness among other interested parties. The target learner groups of the modules include policy makers and their staff, civil servants, gene bank staff, plant breeders, farmers’ organizations, other civil society organizations, the media, academia and prospective donors.

The need for training materials on the Treaty has been voiced by many countries and other stakeholder groups, and the Governing Body of the Treaty has officially welcomed the Secretariat’s work on the development of training materials at its Fourth Session in March 2011.

The Secretariat of the Treaty is currently seeking additional funds to secure the completion of the subsequent modules of the series, for translation of the materials into other official languages of FAO in order to reach a wider audience, as well as for the development of further support materials such as customizable slide shows for trainers and a distance learning course. For information on opportunities to contribute to the realization of these activities please contact the Secretariat.

Educational module 1 can be downloaded online:

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