FAO Country Pasture Profiles Reach 100

One hundred profiles are now available in the FAO Country Pasture Profile database. Developed to make available basic information about the pasture and forage resources of countries, each profile provides a broad overview of relevant general, topographical, climatic and...[more]

Proceedings of the Global Forum on Salinization and Climate Change available online

Soil salinization is one of the more subtle and progressive causes of soil degradation, threatening some of the most productive lands currently under irrigated agriculture. It is also an increasing environmental concern for those areas for which suggested climate change...[more]

FAO participates in SmartSOIL project kick-off meeting

The newly funded EU-project SmartSOIL had its kick-off meeting in Brussels on November 10-11 2011. FAO participates in SmartSOIL as a member of the advisory panel and is represented by Caterina Batello, team leader AGPME, with Christian Nolte, Senior Officer Soil Fertility and...[more]

New publication: Save and grow

AGP has published Save and grow, a 112-page guide for policymakers to the sustainable intensification of smallholder crop production. Save and grow says that while the Green Revolution led to a quantum leap in food production and bolstered world food security, intensive crop...[more]

FAO assists China with improved management of alfalfa

A successful TCP project in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region in China to advise on improved management of alfalfa has many lessons for other regions of China, as well as other countries. In addition to finding that old stands of alfalfa need to be replanted and management practices...[more]

Producing more cotton at a lower cost and without pollution

The adoption of sustainable farming practices allows small farmers of cotton in West Africa to increase their yields and incomes, reduce their use of toxic pesticides and protect the environment and their health.These are  the results of a training program for small farmers...[more]

Global Forum on Salinization and Climate Change

Salinization is a problem long being associated to agriculture, both as a constraint and as the result of inappropriate practices. In addition, agriculture intensification, as well as changes in temperature and precipitation patterns expected from climate change, are likely to...[more]

Second International Symposium on Sustainable Agriculture for Subtropical Regions (ISSASR-2)

This Symposium will address production and environmental issues central to the development of sustainable agriculture in the subtropical zone, worldwide. This zone includes many lesser developed countries, which are increasingly facing pressure from a rapidly growing population....[more]

The electronic Consultation on Integrated Crop-Livestock Systems for Development: The Way Forward for Sustainable Production Intensification

This electronic consultation is an informal discussion forum to exchange views and information among the subscribers during the month of February 2010. It is a prelude to a face-to-face workshop which will be held in Brazil from 23-26 March 2010, co-organized by FAO, Embrapa,...[more]

15th Meeting of the FAO-CIHEAM Mountain Pastures Network

This meeting was organised with the Swiss Research Station Agroscope Changins-Wädenswil. 65 research fellows from 15 different countries have been reunited to exchange knowledge and to identify new challenges for the society during three days. “Integrated research for the...[more]

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