AGP - Safeguarding: an interim step

Safeguarding: an interim step

Once the inventory of existing stocks has been taken and environmental risk assessments made, the country can prepare a comprehensive project proposal for the elimination of its obsolete pesticides.

Unfortunately, it can often take a long time for international assistance to arrive. While a country is seeking and awaiting external assistance, it can do a lot to prepare for the cleanup operation and reduce its costs.

Authorities should stabilize the sites to reduce risks to the public and to prevent environmental contamination. Generally, this involves the:

  • repackaging of products in leaking and deteriorated containers;
  • clean-up of spills; and
  • packaging of contaminated materials.

All this work should be done under expert supervision by trained personnel using appropriate protective measures and handling procedures. Remember that pesticides have hazardous chemicals and when they are leaking or held in old, deteriorating containers, the risk of exposure is significantly increased.

Ideally, the obsolete pesticides should be removed for disposal immediately after repackaging. However, if funds are still not available, it will be necessary to store the repacked pesticides. If the repackaged stocks can be transported safely, it's often best to consolidate the stocks in a single centralized location. This makes it easier to inspect the stocks and disposal operations.