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Postgraduate Diploma in Pesticide Risk Management


In view of the growing world-wide use of various pesticides, as well as stockpiles of hazardous, obsolete pesticides, there is a need for persons who are properly trained in the management of pesticides at various levels. In response to this need the University of Cape Town School of Public Health and Community Medicine (“the School”) will be offering a course aimed at pesticide professional entitled Pesticide Risk Management. The course is under development with a series of international partners including the UN FAO and the Swedish Chemicals Inspectorate (KEMI). The course will be providing training and certification of suitable persons in the field of Pesticide Management.

The course:

The course of post graduate diploma on pesticide risk management took place at University of Cape Town, South Africa between 28 March and 8 April 2011. [SEE MORE]


The target group:

Course participants are expected to be mature persons with qualifications in science subjects (for example: chemistry, biochemistry, entomology), agronomy, environmental science and public health, to name only a few. The course is ideally suited for persons employed or aspiring to be employed as Registrars of Pesticides, Technical Advisers, and related governmental posts. A significant component of the curriculum will equip such persons to evaluate dossiers that are submitted to governments for eventual approval or rejection of proposed new pesticides.