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Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Crop Intensification in Karatu District, Tanzania

Future global food security relies not only on high production and access to food but also on the need to address the destructive effects of current agricultural production systems on ecosystem services (Foresight, 2011) and increase the resilience of production systems to the effects of climate change. CA enables the sustainable intensification of agriculture by conserving and enhancing the quality of the soil, leading to higher yields and the protection of the local environment and ecosystem services. The present publication describes the experiences of introducing Conservation Agriculture as a concept for sustainable crop production intensification in farming communities of Karatu District, Tanzania. The case study explains the adoption process that shows the impact of Conservation Agriculture in terms of agricultural production, environment and ecosystem services, livelihoods and other socio economic factors. The case study is directed to policy makers, scientists and environmentalists and should help decision making towards sustainable intensification concepts for agriculture.