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Proceedings of the Global Forum on Salinization and Climate Change

The Global Forum on Salinization and Climate Change, Valencia, Spain 25-29 October 2010, constituted an opportunity to discuss, from a multi-disciplinary perspective, the problems associated with salinization and climate change and strengthened the dialogue between ...[more]

Current world fertilizer trends and outlook to 2015

This report presents the world nitrogen, phosphate and potassium fertilizer medium-term supply and demand projections for the period 2011-2015. The FAO/Fertilizer Organizations Working Group met in FAO, Rome in June 2011 to review the prospects for fertilizer demand and supply,...[more]

An international consultation on integrated crop-livestock systems for development

A new kind of sustainable intensified agriculture based on CA is emerging and new production systems often also include trees grown as hedge rows to control grazing and provide habitats and fuel, or include such as at the community or trees as strip crops with annual crops...[more]

Save and Grow - A policymaker's guide to the sustainable intensification of smallholder crop production

The present paradigm of intensive crop production cannot meet the challenges of the new millennium. In oder to grow, agriculture most lear to save. This book presents a new paradigm: sustainable crop production intensification, which produces more from the same area of land...[more]

Green manure/cover crops and crop rotation in Conservation Agriculture on small farms

The objective of this publication is to offer a reference material forextensionists, professors, agronomy students, technicians ingeneral, and for farmers themselves. Through information that isup-to-date and richly illustrated, it strives to facilitate theadoption and diffusion...[more]

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