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Green manure/cover crops and crop rotation in Conservation Agriculture on small farms

The objective of this publication is to offer a reference material forextensionists, professors, agronomy students, technicians ingeneral, and for farmers themselves. Through information that isup-to-date and richly illustrated, it strives to facilitate theadoption and diffusion...[more]

An international consultation on integrated crop-livestock systems for development

A new kind of sustainable intensified agriculture based on CA is emerging and new production systems often also include trees grown as hedge rows to control grazing and provide habitats and fuel, or include trees as strip crops with annual crops rotated in adjacent strips. Trees...[more]

Seeds in Emergencies: A technical handbook

The seed security of small-scale rural households is often put at risk by natural and human-caused disasters. As a consequence, seeds are frequently provided to vulnerable households as part of the emergency response. However, seeds are unlike other inputs such as fertilizer or...[more]

Gardens of biodiversity

The Southern Caucasus is an important centre of origin and diversity of many species and varieties that are the basis for global food production. This great biodiversity is maintained by farmers, and their gardens are a healthy source of food production, experimental places...[more]

Promoting the Growth and Development of Smallholder Seed Enterprises for Food Security Crops - Case studies from Brazil, Côte d’Ivoire and India

Farmers everywhere depend on access to good quality seed, which is fundamental to their crop production systems. Most governments have made significant investments in strengthening national agricultural production capacities, yet farmers in developing countries still face...[more]

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