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The FAO/IAEA Spreadsheet for Designing and Operation of Insect Mass Rearing Facilities

The sterile insect technique has in many countries become an important control tactic for integration in area-wide integrated pest management programmes against fruit flies of economic importance. An important prerequisite of these programmes is the availability of adequate...[more]

Proceedings - 2nd Meeting for the Integral Use of Cactus Pear and Other Cacti

A second meeting for the Integral Use of Cactus Pear and Other Cacti, and the 1st  South America meeting of Fao-ICARDA CactusNet was recently held in Argentina. The main objectives were;to promote and share knowledge on the importance and use of cacti for the semi-arid regions...[more]

Aspects Determining the Risk of Pesticides to Wild Bees

Crop losses to pests are a major problem in sustaining production, and often, pesticides are used as the first line of defense against pests. However, the indiscriminate use of pesticides often impacts negatively on beneficial insects – insects that provide essential ecosystem...[more]

Conservation Agriculture and Sustainable Crop Intensification - A Zimbabwe Case Study

Future food security relies not only on higher production and access to food but also on the need to address the destructive effects of current agricultural production systems on ecosystem services and increase the resilience of production systems to the effects of climate...[more]

Growing greener cities in Africa. First status report on Urban and Peri-urban horticulture in Africa

African policymakers need to act now to steer urbanization from its current, unsustainable path toward healthy, greener cities that ensure food and nutrition security, decent work and income, and a clean environment for all their citizens. This report highlights a key component...[more]

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