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Seed Security Assessment - A Practitioner's Guide

Sufficient access to healthy and preferred seed for different crops is of fundamental importance for millions of households in the developing world. If good quality seed is scarce, then rural farming families struggle to make a sustainable livelihood, and family members are...[more]

A manual on apple pollination

The purpose of this manual is to improve knowledge concerning the management of bee pollinators in apple orchards so as to enhance apple quality and yield. The publication was prepared as part of the GEF supported project “Conservation and Management of Pollinators for...[more]

Mainstreaming ecosystem services and biodiversity into agricultural production and management in East Africa - Technical guidance document

This Technical Guidance Document addresses the need for mainstreaming biodiversity and ecosystem services into agriculture, at the national level. More specifically, it is aimed to assist countries in developing and implementing their National Biodiversity Strategy and Action...[more]

Farmer Field School Guidance Document - Planning for Quality Programmes

This FFS Guidance Document focuses on the process and critical decisions that are necessary when starting a new FFS programme, and guides the reader through the essential steps required to establish a solid basis for such programmes, in tune with the specific local conditions....[more]

International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management - Guidelines on Pesticide Legislation

International and national legal frameworks governing pesticide management have undergone significant changes over the past 25 years. The International Code of Conduct on the Distribution and Use of Pesticides was adopted by FAO in 1985. It was subsequently amended in 1989 to...[more]

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