AGP - Officers of the International Rice Commission

Officers of the International Rice Comission, as of the 21st Session in 2006


Chairperson: Mr. Manuel Manrique Ugarte


First Vice Chairperson: Mr. Jorge Borneo


Second Vice Chiarperson: Mr. Abdel El Azim El Tantawy B. Hassan



Supporting staff at the Secaretariat of the Internatioanl Rice Comission


·         Narteh, Lawrence (Executive Secretary)


·         Ventura, Chiara (Administrative Assistant)


·         Van Duijvendijk, Cornelis (Associate Professional Officer)


·         Redfern, Suzanne (Consultant)


Members  of the Steering Committee of the International Rice Commission


The following officers who were nominated by the Director of AGP  to serve as members of the Steering Committee of IRC have been serving the Commission since February 2011. In making the decision, the Director took into consideration the the need for varied professional backgrounds of the members while respecting the need for a geographical balance.


·         AGP Director  (Chairman)       


·         Narteh, Lawrence (AGPM) (Secretary)


·         Batello, Caterina (AGPM)


·         Bhatti, Shakeel (AGPM)


·         Burlingame, Barbara (AGND) 


·         Calpe, Concepcion (EST)         


·         Collette, Linda (NRDC)


·         Dawe, David (ESA)


·         Gbehounou, Gualbert (AGPM)


·         Guei, Gouantoueu (AGD)


·         Halwart, Matthias (FIRA)          


·         Mejia, Danilo (AGS)      


·         Renault, Daniel (NRL)  


·         Schlingloff, Stefan (NRL)


·         Sonnino, Andrea (OEKR)


·         Steduto, Pasquale (NRL)


·         Yokoi, Yukio (AGPM)                                                     


Technical Sub-Committee of the Steering Committee of IRC


The Steering Committee of the International Rice Commission (IRC) has a Technical Sub- Committee with members   as listed below. They are responsible for proposing and deliberating on Technical issues for adoption by the main Steering Committee. The members are:


·         Andrea Sonnino (OEKR): Facilitator


·         Lawrence Narteh (AGPM) : Secretary


·         Concepcion Calpe (EST)


·         Gualbert Gbehounou (AGPM)


·         Stefan Schlingloff (NRL)


·         Matthias Halwart (FIRA)


·         Cornelis Van Duijvendijk (AGPM)


·         Barbara Burlingame AGND


·         Danilo Mejia (AGS)

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