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Author: Barbara Gemmill-Herren
Posted: 27 май 10 - 04:18
Subject: using the monitoring protocol in forested ecosystems
Dear Colleagues,

There has been quite a bit of discussion about whether a pan trap protocol can successfully sample pollinators in forested ecosystems. This is particularly an issue in tropical countries such as Ghana and Brazil. We know that so much of activity of pollinators takes place up in the canopy, - so how can we sample there?
Simon Potts worked with Peter Kwapong and colleagues in Ghana to develop a methodology that can get pan traps up into the canopy. Simon tells us that, he has used this method extensively in Ghana, India, Congo, DRC and elsewhere, and that it works well and definitely is more effective in collecting pollinators in forests than putting pantraps on the ground!
They have submitted a publication on the methodology which should soon be published; please contact us to send a copy when it is available.

Photos of forest monitoring method


Author: Sundar Tiwari
Posted: 18 окт 10 - 04:41
Subject: re: using the monitoring protocol in forested ecosystems
Dear Madam
I saw the very intresting method of pollinators monitoring in the forest ecosystem. The methods that shown in photo very nice and very reliable for pollinators monitoring. I have one suggestion that placing the pan trap in two side of plant canopy will be better and reliable than hanging only one side. It will be better because one pan traps, if damaged by wind, the another pan traps will easily works gives reliable information. If the fellows develops methodology to get the reliable data. Let me delivered in my email Which will be reliable and useful for me as well

Sundar Tiwari
Lecturer of Entomology
and Local Expert
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